Unforgettable Tour to the Charming Island of Thailand

Tourist attractions in Phuket never run out. Every tourist attractions in this area always seem to bring a different atmosphere. There are so many 5 Star Resort Kamala Beach that will make your vacation more comfortable. Of the resort is Swissotel Kamala.

If this is your first time visiting Phuket, try this destination!

Phi Phi Island, Beautiful Island that Leonardo DiCaprio Ever Visited

Phuket is an attractive place for tourists. Many unique things exist here. However, the main thing is a natural beauty. A variety of Phuket tour packages always offer nature tours. Many islands around Phuket will spoil your vacation. One of the most beautiful islands is Phi Phi.

Phi Phi has extraordinary beauty. Clusters of beautiful rock hills combined with the clear blue sea have attracted hundreds of pairs of eyes. Because of its beauty, the Hollywood film entitled The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, took a set of shooting locations on this island! Activities that are often done on Phi Phi Island are jet skiing or diving. The underwater beauty of this island is as beautiful as the scenery on the surface! On this island, there are a variety of well-preserved coral reefs and fish. For those of you who don’t really like diving, you can rest on a boat and enjoy cute little fish swimming in the water!

See the Beautiful Performances at Fanta-sea Phuket

The next tourist spot you must visit is a cabaret show. The show is in Fanta-sea Phuket. This show has been around since 1999 and continues to provide exciting and interesting shows. There are various shows you can enjoy. Most of the show has a combination of dance and singing. Many talented dancers and singers performed the show, and many of them were ladyboys.

Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of Patong Beach

There have been many new tourist attractions in Phuket that have sprung up. However, many tourists are still looking for tours that are already well-known to avoid feeling disappointed. Don’t let your vacation becomes a nightmare because the destination you visit is far from expectation. Always find the newest information before deciding to visit a place.

The safe place for you to explore is Patong Beach. Patong beach has a clean white sand beach, combined with clear blue seawater. Many tourists come here to enjoy the warmth of the sun while getting massaged on the beach. Here, you can try to playing sand or beach volleyball. However, the most favorite activity is laying on a beach chair and enjoying the beautiful views of the beach.