The Best Casino In The East


While in some countries gambling is illegal, in others it is perfectly fine to do so, and the industries are actually encouraged to welcome more foreigners, as they bring the state huge sums of money. Whether you want to travel somewhere to relax in a casino, or are thinking of making some bets but can’t do so at home, this post will be highly relevant to your cause. We are going to discuss the best casino to spend and earn some money, without traveling too far. There are many amazing gambling locations all over the world, and there is no need to spend twelve hours on the plane to get there.


The Far East Country, The Republic of The Philippines

Surprisingly, this country shows up consistently as of the favorite bettings destinations. The Philippines have so many amazing casinos to choose from, we really did all the work for you to select the very best one.

In this post, we discuss the best Casino in the East Part of the globe in our opinion. If you are thinking about your destination, this is definitely the one. However, if you are flying out from Japan or China, it’s not that short of a flight. Especially if it’s your first time, we recommend you try out a place a bit closer to home. We recently researched the subject, and a Japanese website published a great article on the best casinos in Korea. The country is closer than the Philippines, so it will be a perfect match for your first time.

Resorts World Manila

The casino is a part of a huge tourist resort, which includes seven different hotels and more than ten restaurants. To put it simply, you never to walk out of the resort. You can do all of your luxury shopping at the internal mall, visit the theatre for a baroque-kind of experience, check out the in-house clubs, and of course, do all of your gambling in an area of more than 300,000 square feet (which is a bit more than the imperial unit 30,000 square meters). Within this vast area, there are all possible gambling sites you can come up with. 

Inside this casino, you can try your luck and test your skills with these and many other games:

  1.  Baccarat Super Six, a twist on the original Game of Kings, also known as Lucky Nine. Same excitement as in fifteenth-century Italy, except this time you are the king and if you are lucky, the rich king. 
  2. BlackJack. Does any casino in the world actually go without it? No way. According to the statistics, it is actually the most popular gambling game in the world. Also known as Just 21, will you win this time against the dealer at the World’s Manilla? Hey, there is always a chance.
  3. Casino Stud Pocker is a popular variation on the regular Pocker game, invented in the 80s in the United States. It is also named Caribbean poker because it had seen great success in that area quickly. It is considered more challenging and exciting because there is a chance to win a side-wager Jackpot. 
  4. Craps, or Bank Craps, is perhaps one of the most exciting games in any casino and is actually the loudest of them all. No one passes the table when they see it, such as the allure of this game. It’s actually one of the most well-known games by the public, because of its high rates of portrayal in all kinds of Hollywood blockbusters.
  5. Lunar Poker. You love beating the house, don’t you? If you are excited about poker, try this variation where you playing against the casino and not other players. You can bet on yourself( as always), other players, and even the house. You will also have numerous new ways to improve your hand, unlike regular poker.
  6. Mini Baccarat is the original game, and you can also play it here. The main difference is that at the mini-baccarat, the players never even touch the cards and the dealers are handling them. In modern  Baccarat the players switch roles constantly, alternating between being the Banker.
  7. The Famous Money Wheel. A game that is super fun and at the same time very easy to play. The wheel itself is split into sections, every section is painted with a new symbol. Whatever number you feel is lucky, you make a bet on. Then, the money wheel spins and if it lands on the one you gambled, you won! The odds for each part are displayed before you make your first bet, so you know your risks.

There are many other games in this incredible casino, including hundreds of slot machines and other incredible unique games. Because of this, this is our number #1 for experienced gamblers. If you would still like to explore some options, this report lays out other decent casinos in the “Old World”.