Reasons for Vacationing in Vietnam

Countries in Asia have their charm and uniqueness. Not only Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand are worth visiting, but also Vietnam. Although rarely become a list of destinations for traveling in Asia, Vietnam keeps beautiful secret that make your vacation special. Here are some reasons why you should go on a vacation to Vietnam.

Soothing Natural Scenery

From land to sea, you can find paradise with amazing views in Vietnam. For those of you who like the concept of a “summer” vacation, you can visit popular Vietnamese beaches such as Phu Quoc, Da Nang, and Nha Trang. These beaches offer a clear blue sea, white sand, and cool shade trees. Speaking of the sea, don’t forget about Halong Bay. This UNESCO world heritage site has a beautiful coral formation surrounded by beautiful islands.

For those of you who like green scenery with a beautiful atmosphere, come to Ba Na Hills, a mountain as high as 1,487 meters above sea level towering on the west side of Da Nang City, the third-largest city in Vietnam. Around the Ba Na Hills, many Danang Hotel accommodations are suitable for you to try when visiting here.

Variative Cuisine

Vietnam has culinary offerings mixed with fresh vegetables and herbs. If you like Chinese food, you will also be familiar with typical menus in Vietnam. For example, Pho, one of the most popular foods. Made from rice, Pho is noodles served in a bowl of soup with chunks of meat (beef or chicken), accompanied by bean sprouts and orange leaves. Another tasty and crunchy dish is Bánh xèo, a Vietnamese pancake made from rice flour, coconut milk, and turmeric sauteed with meat, shrimp, and pile of toge. Some other tasty dishes that are no less delicious are Chao, Goi Cuan, and Nem Ran.

Strong History

Vietnam has a long and complicated history. In the 110th century BC, Vietnam is under Chinese imperial rule until independence in 938. In the 19th century, Vietnam again became a French colony. Not surprisingly, until now the influence of China and France is still very thick in the culture of Vietnamese society, including in food, tourist attractions, music, community culture, and others. This is why visiting Vietnam will give a deep impression.

To see the remnants of culture influenced by China, come to the Temple of Literature, an ancient university that educates the elite of Vietnam centuries ago.

Affordable Vacation

Reportedly the cost of living in Vietnam is cheaper than Thailand or Singapore. From lodging to culinary, the price offered is quite economical so you don’t have to spend too much. To eat typical Vietnamese food, you can also enjoy it on the side of the road or in the nearest markets. For lodging, many cheap hotels are available in Vietnam for tourists. However, it is also important to realize that the tourism industry in Vietnam may full of fraud. For that, travelers are required to research fraud cases that occur.