Advantages of Having a Wedding at Hotels

Every couple who will get married certainly wants their special day to run perfectly. The moment of memories in a lifetime is not only special for you and your partner, but also for all the guests present.

Venue is an important point that you should think about when you are preparing for a wedding. That’s where you will meet the invited guests. If you want to have a good experience with your loved ones, you must choose a venue that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Hotels are your best choice. If you are looking for the best Wedding hotel Bangkok, you can try Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20.

Let’s see other advantages for having a wedding in a hotel.

No hassle to organize the event

The hotel has prepared your needs according to your wishes, from the room, catering, decoration and others, so the wedding preparations are more convincing. No need to worry taking care of a messy house after the wedding.

Full and luxurious facilities

Hotels are one of the best choices for you to gather with family and close friends. Our hotel has full facilities like a home, even more. In addition, the facilities are definitely more luxurious.


If you invite many VIP guests or business associates, the hotel will raise your prestige. A number of state officials or large businessmen hold their weddings in five-star hotels.

Easy to take care of the lodgings

After the event, you will be exhausted from the hassles. You need a place to rest. By getting married at a hotel, you can easily rent a room for you and your family. Even more, if you get married at a hotel, you can have a free night’s stay.

Easy Access

Another advantage of having a wedding in hotels is the easy access and the availability of parking facilities. This will make it easier for the invitees to reach the reception venue.

Suitable for indoor concept weddings

If you get married in a hotel, perhaps there will be more costs. However, it will be compensated by the facility that will be given. Married in hotels is also suitable for those who have dreams of getting married with an indoor concept like a princess.