7 Tips to Deal with Long Layovers during Two Connecting Flights

Nowadays, booking an airline ticket is little difficult due to the Covid-19 travel SOPs. Everyone has to ensure certain requirements before taking the flights. Traveling to KSA from Pakistan, India or some other countries has become challenging due to quarantine requirements. Couponksa.com suggests booking layover flights in order to follow the rules. There is Emirates promotional code on layover flight bookings. Passengers from these countries will spend the 15 days in Oman for quarantine before entering in the KSA. On the other hand, if you have booked a connecting flight then it is necessary to prepare for long breaks at airports before catching the next flight.

How to Deal With Long Layovers?

Well, it depends on the duration or period of time. Passengers who have to stay for 1 hours or little should explore the airport and duty-free shops. On the other hand, there are so many other activities to do if your stay is for a longer period.

Explore the City:

Passengers get a temporary visa to enter in the city when they book connecting flights. This would be a wonderful experience especially when you are new to city. Escape the airport and see some famous monuments in the city.

Organize a Tour:

This is a great opportunity. Have you booked connecting flights with Emirates promotional code? Spending at least 4 to 5 hours, or longer, at airport is not easy. Book the city tours in order to have some recreation. Add this in your vacation plan. Ask the travel advisor to organize a short city tour.

Try Some Local Cuisine:

This is a blessing for people who love trying new foods and drinks. Think about the Arabian foods while you are in Muscat, Oman. People traveling to Europe usually stay at the Muscat or Doha Airport. Both cities have a traditional cuisine culture. Book the cuisine online or visit any restaurant to try some new dishes.

Meet a Friend:

Do you have some friends in these cities? Well, you are going to get a chance to meet them. Long layovers are the best moments when you can spend the quality time with some old friends. Call them or plan a trip in advance. Do it immediately when you book the connecting flights. You can ask them to visit airport or go to city as well.

Plan for the Tour:

Are you on a business tour? It would be great to prepare the presentations and financial reports while you stay at the airport. You can also book a hotel for short duration and take a shower to feel fresh. Try to use this time for something productive.

Watch a Movie:

Do you have nothing to do from the list? Watching a Netflix movie of this country would be a great idea. Search the Netflix directory and play the favorite movie to spend time.

Search the Flight Deals:

It is another useful tactic. You have Emirates promotional code so it is good to see how it can be more economical. Search the flights, tickets and vacation deals to improve the experience.