Vacation Sensations in Punta Cana

There’s nothing like a vacation in Punta Cana. Enjoy a delicious cocktail at a local bar or read a favorite book by the beach. Vacation to Punta Cana is the right time to complete the desire to enjoy the beach of your dreams. Many travelers choose to stay near Macao Beach, which is only 25 kilometers from the city center. Apart from Macao Beach, there are also tourist destinations that are very good and no less popular, namely Cabeza de Toro Nature Reserve, Bayahibe Beach, and Bavaro Beach.

Cabeza de Toro Nature Reserve

If you want to snorkel in Punta Cana, then Cabeza de Toro Nature Reserve is the right choice. To make it easier to travel to the location, use a tour package that is ready to take you to enjoy the natural beauty of Cabeza de Toro. There you can enjoy the natural scenery, eat food, and try snorkeling to a certain depth and see the magic in the sea.

Bayahibe Beach

This beach has a rather long coastline, about two kilometers, framed by coconut trees and washed by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Kids are sure to enjoy playing in the warm shallow sea and sculpting sand sculptures, while adults can have fun on the water rides and have a good time at one of the beach bars.

Bavaro Beach

No less beautiful than Macao Beach, Bavaro Beach also offers the amazing natural beauty of the sea. There you will find bars, shopping centers, and restaurants that are usually visited by adults. This restaurant and bar located in La Altagracia province not only offers a delicious menu but also provides facilities for water activities such as snorkeling. If you want to try the sensation of Swim with dolphins in Punta Cana, then Bavaro Beach is the right choice. Swimming with the dolphins at Punta Cana with Ocean Adventures offers 3 different experiences. This activity is ideal for all families with children, teenagers, couples, and single travelers, perfect for everyone.

Apart from beach tours, you can also do Spa in Punta Cana. But with a new sensation, namely spa treatments and doing yoga on a boat in the Caribbean Ocean. Dr. Fish Ocean Spa, the only place in the world where guests can explore the Caribbean coast while receiving spa treatments. Not only spa and yoga, but Dr. Fish Ocean also provides other services, namely fish pedicure, coffee, oatmeal & cornflour exfoliation, full body massage, foot detox, yoga, float in the ocean, spinolator bed.