Top Travel Destinations That Every Traveler Must Visit

If you love travel around the world there will be a lot of destinations in your bucket list. Planning a trip can be challenging but if you are in touch with good travel agent things become easy. The next important step is to look for a good airline and book your tickets. When you are traveling to a new country it is best to book a hotel that feels like home. There are a lot of destinations in the world and once you start traveling the destinations will increase on your bucket list. The Qatar Airways coupon code will help you grab a big discount on your travel.


You can enjoy a hassle free journey to Seattle as there is a lot to explore. There is a lot of cultural heritage in this place and you can get the best of experience. The china town in Seattle is one of the most prominent places to visit. You can visit the art museum and get in touch with some of the best historical pieces. Whether you want to enjoy shopping or eat delicious foods the downtown has it all to impress. The display galleries are another attraction if you are an art lover.


Travelling to Dubai can be a lot of fun whether you are first time traveler or have visited it before. Reach for the skies and enjoy breathtaking views in the city. It is one of the wealthiest cities and the culture is also rich. Burj Khalifa is something to look out for but make sure you get your ticket booked at the right time. There are huge buildings and shopping malls that are perfect for shopping lovers. You can use the Qatar Airways coupon code to get a big discount on the price of ticket.


Riyadh is a city that features modern skylines and there is a lot to explore. The modern skyscrapers and historic culture is attractive for most travelers. Mainly traditional dress codes are followed by everyone. There is a combination of old and new that will give you a new experience. Masmak fortress and the museum are one of the biggest tourist attractions.

San Francisco

Is USA on your travel bucket list this year? You can’t miss out San Francisco to discover the timeless beauty. The blue and Gold Fleet bay cruise will attract most of the travelers. If you are traveling alone there are a lot of nightclubs and pubs to visit. However if you are traveling with your family you can explore the incredibly beautiful Oriental Gardens. The San Francisco Bay also features beautiful Islands.


Travelers will love to visit Istanbul where are a lot sights and attractions lying with Sultanahmet. Some other top spots include Blue mosque and Topkapi palace. The Galata Bridge is another landmark in itself and you can also get a good view of the city by standing at the top. You can also visit Naval Museum with your kids. Travelers must visit and win the Qatar Airways coupon code to get a big discount for making your trip affordable.