Best Europe Cities to Live as a Student in 2020

There are various reasons people travel from one country to the other. For some, it is to find better jobs or attend meetings. Some travel as a way of relaxing by going on holidays, tours, excursions or adventures of all sort. Another popular reason people travel outside the country is to further their education. Have you been considering going to live as a student in certain Europe cities in 2020? Do you need ideas on where to travel to in the world? Then, this article is for you! 

Factors to Consider Before Travelling as a Student

Apart from getting to know about the best Europe cities for you to live as a student, it would help if you also considered certain factors before you set out. Some of these factors include the following: –

  1. Cost of travel
  2. Means of transportation
  3. Security
  4. Health status
  5. Choice of location

Best European Cities for Students in 2020

Europe is a home for so many countries. However, you need not be confused while deciding on the best city for you to live as a student. You will not only find the program that best suits you but will also study and live satisfactorily within your budget in these cities: –

  • London, England

London is one of the top countries that usually cross almost every international students’ hearts. The reason for this is not far-fetched as London remains one of the best places for students to thrive and excel by studying different programmes. London is also an international platform to set up your career as there are numerous opportunities for you to enjoy as a student. 

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands is also one of the best European cities that offer excellent programmes for international students ranging from architecture, agriculture to urban planning and other popular courses. Apart from getting to study the subject of your choice, you also get to do so in the safest region ever as the Netherland is one of the top-ranking safe countries in the world. 

  • Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the cities in Europe that is known for its incredible architectural sights. The city also has a lot of lovely beaches where you can unwind after classes. Schools in this city also offer a wide range of exciting programmes in different fields such as politics, business, economics, and fashion.

  • Berlin, Germany

Being the second-largest city in the European Union, you will get to enjoy a wide range of rich history and culture embedded in different unique programmes for you to study. It is also one of the top-ranked secure and safe countries in Europe. This sense of security will help you focus on your studies rather than fidgeting on how to stay safe during a crisis. 

  • Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is another European city that offers a wide range of ancient and rich culture mixed with the old and new. This part of Ireland is also famous for its Irish music with other options for you to enjoy after studying. Ireland is also one of the top-ranked places that are safe for international students.