5 Items You Must Carry When Hopping Island

Hopping Island is one of the agendas that you must do when visiting exotic islands, especially if you are on vacation to Phuket, Thailand. There are lots of Boat Charter Phuket agents that you can choose to accommodate your trip, one of which is Yacht Sourcing. However, before you do the island hopping, it’s good if you prepare items that you will carry. The following are 5 items that you must carry during Hopping Island.

Small towel

Sailing from one island to another will surely make your clothes wet, either because of splashing water while sailing or because you go down to the beach. Please bring a small towel to dry your body so that the cold won’t catch you.

Waterproof bag

Make sure you bring a waterproof bag. The bag you carry will also get wet because of the splashes of water. So there’s nothing wrong if you protect your gadget and luggage in a waterproof bag.


The best time to do island hopping is summer because at that time the sun was shining brightly and the sea looked even more beautiful. To avoid dizziness from sunlight all day, prepare sunglasses. Choose sunglasses that are lightweight and have friction resistance. If your sunglasses fall into the ground and the sand exposed to the lens, your classes can give you a lousy view. So, don’t forget to use an anti-scratch lens.


Besides sunglasses, the hat is also essential. This accessory can protect you from the sun’s heat. Besides, the hat can also make your style look edgier when photographed.

Clothes to change

Playing water all day and Hopping Island will make your clothes wet. So make sure you bring clothes to change, so you don’t catch a cold. Hopping the island usually ends in the afternoon. At that time, the sea breeze often blows hard, so make sure you wear warm clothes.